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Multifunktionales –Brückenverstärker- Eingangsmodul

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The IBIV-8 from AstroNova is a group isolated 8-channel multifunction input module for the data recorders Daxus DXS-100 or Smartcorder DDX-100, providing measurements for measuring strain, resistance, voltage, acceleration, force, and pressure with a single module.
Features include internal bridge completion and software selectable voltage excitation for bridge sensors and current excitation for IEPE sensors.
If you have additional measurement requirements, the module can be combined with any DXS-100 or DDX-100 input module.

Product highlights

• Simultaneous sampling at up to 100 kS/s/ch
• Full 24-bit resolution across selected measurement range
• Internal bridge completion with full support for quarter, half, and full bridge sensors
• 350 VRMS, CAT II isolation
• Full support for 120, 350, and 1000 Ohm bridge resistances
• 10-pin Lemo or D-Sub connector options
• +/- 1000 mV, +/- 500 mV, and +/- 20 mV input ranges
• Built in counter and timer functions

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