SENSOR+TEST Final Report and Outlook

SENSOR+TEST Stable at High Level – New Venue in New Halls at High Demand

As in the years before, the SENSOR+TEST in Nürnberg has again thoroughly established its pole position as the internationally leading trade fair for sensor, measuring, and testing technology. For the year 2016 the organizers and exhibitors anticipate a boost in growth thanks to the long-pursued move to new halls at the exhibition center.

The results of the visitor and exhibitor polls document ubiquitous satisfaction: In fact, a total of 99% of all polled visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the offerings as well as the accessibility of information and contacts at the SENSOR+TEST 2015. The reduced number of visitors of about 10% on the second and third day of the fair due to the train-driver strike was compensated by a considerable increase of visitors from non-EU countries and overseas – in other words, from those visitors who came by plane, not train.

The majority of the exhibitors took this development in stride, using the time to their advantage by stepping up talks with customers. Thus, Geoffrey Zech, Senior Director Strategic Marketing at Tyco Electronics, said: “Again, the SENSOR+TEST has proved to be the perfect platform for us – to show our innovative sensor solutions for a number of different applications, including wireless communication, industrial applications, process monitoring and automation, or automotives. This event allows us to get together with the right professionals to talk about the major technical requirements that are relevant for future trends.”

An interesting fact registered by the polls: The economic outlook for the sensor sector is clearly more optimistic by the visitors than by the exhibitors. While 62% of the visitors expect growth in this branch of industry, only 39% of the exhibitors share that expectation. Approximately half of them (46%) do not count on any significant change. The complete exhibition analysis of the SENSOR+TEST 2015 including all relevant structural data and the results of the visitor and exhibitor polls can be now downloaded at

The SENSOR+TEST 2016 – with the special topic “Measuring in the Cloud” – will be held in Nürnberg from the 10th to the 12th of May. The trade fair is to be complemented by the 18. GMA/ITG-Fachtagung „Sensoren und Messsysteme“ and the 36th European Telemetry and Test Conference etc 2016. The fair next year will take place in halls 1, 2, and 5 of the exhibition center.

Commenting on the move, Christoph Kleye, managing director of IS-LINE and chairman of the Exhibitors Committee, stated: “The increased floor space makes room for new topics, exhibitor and visitor target groups, such as those in the area of wireless technology. That’s a potential for future growth of the fair. Also, through the new access via the entrances “Mitte” and “Ost” we will have a better and more even visitor distribution among the halls.”

Speaking for the organizers, Holger Bödeker from AMA Service, says: “We are already registering a great interest in the new halls by the exhibitors. For the first time since quite a few years we can actively consider requests for changes in floor configurations and more floor space. And we can now also offer attractive stand locations to new exhibitors. This is a further step toward continued, solid growth of the SENSOR+TEST.”

Fair Impression Photos are available for download here.
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