AMA Innovation Award 2018 with two Winning Teams

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A miniaturized, highly integrated gas sensor and a thermometer with automatic in-situ calibration function win the AMA Innovation Award 2018.

Berlin, 26 June 2018—The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) conferred the AMA Innovation Award 2018 on two developer teams at the SENSOR+TEST 2018 at Nuremberg. The jury, comprising representatives from science and industry, declared that both submissions were highly innovative approaches with clearly discernible market relevance. The prize money of 10,000 euros went to the miniaturized and highly integrated environmental sensor BME680 from Bosch Sensortec and to the thermometer itherm TrustSens TM37x with an automatic in-situ calibration function from Endress+Hauser and the Ilmenau Technical University in equal parts.

Bosch BME680 – First Miniaturized Chemical Gas Sensor
The Bosch BME680 is the first integrated 4-in-1 sensor module that combines pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors with a MEMS gas sensor. Thus, a new measuring parameter was developed for CE & IoT applications. The basis for the innovation were the high requirements in the CE & IoT market as opposed to the state of the art, especially in regard to system intelligence, device size, power consumption, reliability, as well as industrialization and scalability in production volume. Up to now these were major hurdles in establishing a chemical parameter for gas on an industrial scale and for mass production. Today, the first devices in the area of IoT and smart homes are available on the market.

The jury and the AMA Association extend their congratulations to the developer team:
Dr. Richard Fix, Dr. Thomas Block, Dr. Herbert Verhoeven and their colleagues (Bosch Sensortec GmbH, Reutlingen)

Thermometer with Automatic In-Situ Calibration Function in Process
The other innovation to win the award is the itherm TrustSens TM37x, a thermometer with automatic in-situ calibration function during processing. Parallel to the resistor sensor, a ferro-electric reference element with a known Curie temperature as a temperature etalon is integrated for its measuring function. If the process temperature causes a phase transformation, the measurement deviation of the digital temperature value from the Curie temperature is determined and the thermometer is calibrated anew. This automatic, nonreactive calibration is performed without extension of the thermometer directly in the process. Thus, cost and effort for calibrations are considerably reduced.

The jury and the AMA Association congratulate the developer team: Dr. Pavo Vrdoljak, Christian Stöger, Michael Korn, Harald Bründl, Alfred Umkehrer (Endress+Hauser, Nesselwang) and Dr. Marc Schalles (Ilmenau Technical University).

Two Special Awards for “Young Enterprises”
The special award in the category “Young Enterprises 2018” also went to two developer teams. The team with Dr. Matthäus Langosch (CeLaGo Sensors, Saarbrücken) convinced the jury with a thinfilm strain gauge. The team with Houssam El Moutaouaki (SENVISYS, Saarbrücken) wins with the development of an efficient and safe railroad level crossing by means of vibration analysis. Both developer teams received a free-of-charge trade fair presence at the SENSOR+TEST 2018.

Sensors and Measuring as Innovation Drivers of Technology
“This year 34 projects were submitted from Germany and abroad. The developments were innovative, original, and mostly market relevant. The two winning projects convinced the jury with scientifically outstanding solutions and clearly identifiable utility,” explained jury chair Professor Andreas Schütze from the Saarland University. “From my perspective, the overall winners are always the user industries, since many of the submissions are approaches from sensor and measuring technology to solutions that are the innovation drivers for technical advance,” added Schütze.

Brochure with All Submissions 2018
The AMA Innovation Award is among the most renowned awards in sensors and measurement for many years and is conferred annually by the AMA Association. All accepted submissions are published with a brief description of the innovation in the brochure “AMA Innovation Award 2018 – the Contenders,” which can be downloaded online.

Competition for the Innovation Award 2019
Application forms for the AMA Innovation Award 2019 are available online as of October 2018. Individuals or developer teams from enterprises and institutes may apply. Further information at:

An overview of all submissions for the AMA Innovation Award 2018 can be found at:

Twitter: @AMA_Verband

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