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New Lead-Free Galvanic Cell-type Oxygen Sensor KE-LF Series

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* Lead-free galvanic cell-type sensor
– No external power supply required for sensor operation
– No warmup time required
– Meets RoHS2 directive
* Weak acid electrolyte
– Virtually no influence from CO2, H2S, SO2
– Long life – 5 years in ambient air

* Safety – Oxygen detectors
* Environmental controls – Combustion gas monitoring
* Food industry – Refrigeration, greenhouses
* Educational material – Oxygen test kits

Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce its latest offering—lead-free galvanic cell-type oxygen sensor KE-LF series.

The oxygen sensor KE-LF Series (KE-25LF and KE-25F3LF) are unique galvanic cell-type oxygen sensors developed by Maxell, Ltd. in Japan. Their most notable features are lead-free, long life expectancy, excellent chemical durability, and no influence from CO2. The dimensions of the new sensors are identical to current KE series oxygen sensors, ensuring easy replacement of the current KE series oxygen sensors at site.

KE-LF Series oxygen sensors are ideal to meet the ever-increasing demand for oxygen monitoring in various fields such as combustion gas monitoring, the biochemical field, domestic combustion appliances, etc.

These new sensors are now available.

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