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Z-series Aroma Analyzer

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Within the food and beverage industry, rapid examination and identification of sensory anomalies enable on-the-spot decision-making at various stages of product development, production, quality control, and distribution. Z-series is a portable real-time aroma analyzer that provides flexible solutions for multiple such applications. Z-series is customizable so that it may be adapted to new problems and individual situations.

Z-series incorporates an array of patented phage-based sensors engineered to respond to specific chemical functionalities and structures. It comes complete with onboard sampling and cleaning systems.

Z-series Presents the Following Highlights:
• Simple Operation: no time-consuming and costly laboratory sample preparation required; sample processing is automated and convenient
• Fast Analysis: a typical analysis takes only 5 mins to get results
• Reliable Results: consistent and reproducible laboratory-grade results in real-time
• Intuitive Analysis: proprietary algorithm provides metrics to benchmark and compares test samples to other aroma profiles

Features of Z-series Include:
• Able to characterize aromas from both liquid and dry samples
• Auto-cleaning of the instrument after sampling
• Analyzer software included that shows operation status and timing of sample analysis
• Power: 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz

With Z-series, our multi-application gas analyzer, the potential is endless. From quality control of food and beverage products from farm to table, development of new fragrance compounds, to safety inspection, we are only beginning to explore the possibilities.

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