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Level sensor provides extended measurement range without the high cost of competing technologies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILFORD, NH. (May 27, 2020) – AIRMAR® Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technology, is pleased to introduce their ultrasonic ART15 Airducer®, an air transducer for long-range level measurement of both solids and liquids. With an incredible 60-meter (197 feet) range, the ART15 delivers longer distance level measurement performance without the high cost of radar technology. Ideal applications for the ART15 include silos, large wells, waste water facilities, large capacity tanks and river crossings/bridges.

“Most ultrasonic air transducers on the market offer short- to mid-range level measurement, but the options for long-range are minimal,” says Tanya Shenk, Industrial Products Sales Manager at Airmar. “As a result, users requiring long-range measurement had no option but to purchase costly radar sensors to meet their needs. With the ART15 Airducer, long-range level measurement can be achieved ultrasonically for a fraction of the cost.”

The ART15 requires minimum maintenance, is not affected by color or object transparency, and can be utilized in dark environments. It also comes equipped with a built-in thermistor that provides ambient temperature.

The ART15 Airducer is available now. For more information or to order, visit or contact Tanya Shenk at (603) 249-7187.


AIRMAR® Technology Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance sensor technology for marine and industrial applications. We manufacture advanced ultrasonic and electromagnetic transducers, flow sensors, WeatherStation® instruments, and electronic compasses used for a wide variety of applications. Fishing, navigation, meteorology, survey, level measurement, process control, and proximity sensing are just some of our markets. Established in 1982, AIRMAR's headquarters are located in Milford, New Hampshire. Visit the Company's web site at

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