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Precision Power Analyzer and DAQ

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The new LTTsmart data acquisition system from high-end metrology specialist Labortechnik Tasler GmbH sets new standards in the precise performance analysis of electrical drives and the acquisition of physical signals

The LTTsmart is the answer to a rapidly increasing demand for broadband and high-resolution measurement technology for precise performance analysis of modern electric drives.
The energy transmission of such drives, pulsed by electrical inverters, can by far not be measured with conventional test bench technology. Drive voltages pulsate far too fast with large or even very large voltage steps between low and high levels. While the physics of this electrical world takes place in the steep flanks of the pulses and in the small ripples of the low and high levels, the mechanical world of drive motors moves in familiar, traditionally quite slow frequency ranges.
For the quality analysis and monitoring of such systems one does not need millions of measured values per second. On the contrary: a few performance parameters per revolution confirm the perfect quality of the test object. However, if irregularities are detected, it must be possible to access all the high-precision individual measured values of the electrical signals directly in a targeted and efficient manner without interrupting the continuous power measurement.
It is precisely this functionality that makes the very compact LTTsmart modules the perfect power analyzer for modern electrical drives.
By selecting different modules, voltages up to 1500 V, currents, sensors such as ICP®, strain gauges and charge can be connected to the electrically isolated measuring channels. These channels are sampled with up to 4 MHz sampling rate per channel and 24 bit resolution in high-synchronous mode. The analog bandwidth is 1.7 MHz.
The amplitude resolution is better than ±0.015% signal ±0.015% range in all measuring ranges.
In addition, pulse/counter channels are available to record speed pulses with 1.2 ns time resolution. All relevant physical signals, such as torque and speed, are recorded simultaneously with the electrical quantities and lead to a highly accurate efficiency calculation.
LTTsmart brings the decades of experience of the leading high-end measurement technology specialist Labortechnik Tasler GmbH to the modern test bench world: either as stand-alone software or, thanks to efficient software interfaces, integrable into all existing solutions.
The LTTsmart is also used in many other applications:
Underwater sound, structure-borne sound, turbochargers, research & development, and many more

With the LTTsmart, five module variants are available.

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