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Together with the request for higher safety and efficiency in industrial processes, the use of sensors increases continuously.
To generate stable and defined measurement values in these processes, the environmental conditions of the sensor need to be kept at a constant level. This especially applies to feeding the sensor with an analyte fluid.
Besides a faster response to changing analyte properties, a lowered target concentration at the point of measurement can be balanced as applied for catalytic sensors for example.
As because of these reasons various sensors can not be used with completely passive feeding, micropumps from Bartels Mikrotechnik open up new fields of application.

Due to their simple setup, their particle tolerance and their small dimensions the pump can either be used as a subassembly together with the sensor or as an OEM component to be integrated into a more complex device.
Especially for portable instruments, where miniaturization plays an important role, the low energy consumption comes into play.

Dependent on the customers need the driving electronics can be either integrated into the main PCB of the unit or even inside an enlarged pump housing.
The use of an inert polymer in combination with an optimized placement of the pump inside the system enables operation also under difficult conditions.

In a second application, a CO2 gas sensor from the company Sensirion was directly exposed to a changing CO2 concentration, once directly and once by using of an mp6 micropump. The direct couoling of the test gas to the test beam slope of the IR sensor shows a significant improvement in the time response.

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