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Triaxial miniature ICP® accelerometer with connector

Jan 17, 2024

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PCB Piezotronics triaxial accelerometer model 356A09 offers a sensitivity of 10 mV/g, a measuring range of 500 g and a wide frequency range of 8 kHz (±5 %) for many types of vibration tests. The high shock resistance and the hermetically sealed titanium housing make the sensor extremely robust despite its small dimensions. With a weight of just 1 gram and an edge length of just 6.3 mm, the sensor is also ideal for measurements on small components and prevents mass loading effects.
Thanks to the mini 4-pin connector, the cable is easy to detach from the sensor and adhesive mounting is simplified. Different cables can also be used depending on the respective application, such as the particularly light and flexible 019 series measuring cable with silicone jacket.
In addition to the plug-in versions, PCB® also offers models with an integrated cable and a measuring range of 1000 g (model 356A06), high-temperature versions up to 180° continuous operating temperature, ground insulation and water and oiltight cable versions from this range of triaxial miniature accelerometers.
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