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Calibration solutions and services from PCB Piezotronics

Jan 16, 2024

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In addition to the wide range of sensors for measuring acceleration, shock, pressure and force as well as strain and sound, PCB Piezotronics product program includes instruments for testing and calibrating its own sensors as well as measuring equipment from other manufacturers.

• Handheld shaker for testing the accelerometer and the subsequent measuring chain
• Portable accelerometer calibrators, manual and automated
• Microphone calibrators
• Pressure calibrators
• Modular workstation for the calibration laboratory

The model 9155 calibration system, optimised for precision and throughput, enables the calibration of piezoelectric accelerometers with ICP®/IEPE or charge output using the back-to-back method, the calibration of shock sensors and the calibration of microphones. Additionally, a number of additional of supplementary options are available for calibrating piezoresistive and capacitive acceleration sensors, pressure sensors and impulse hammers, among others.
Of course, the portable calibration systems will also be exhibited and demonstrated. These include the small and mobile 9000+ calibration system for acceleration sensors and the MicroCal for differential pressure sensors.

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