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Microphones for automotive development

Jan 16, 2024

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PCB Piezotronics offers a wide range of different microphones for acoustic testing in vehicle development and testing. The majority of the measurement microphones are equipped with an ICP®/IEPE amplifier, which considerably simplifies their use with existing measurement systems.
One criterion for comfort is the sound impression perceived by the vehicle occupants. The model 378B02 with free-field characteristic is a standard microphone for interior sound level measurements. Model HT378B02 with an operating temperature range of up to 120 °C is available for investigations in the engine compartment.
Thanks to its high sensitivity of 450 mV/Pa, the model 378A04 microphone can measure the lowest sound pressures in the frequency range up to 16 kHz. The low-noise ICP® microphone is suitable for sound analyses in the field of electromobility.
The IP55 microphone model 130A24 is ideal for measurements in road tests where it is exposed to moisture and dirt. The protective cover can be replaced by the user if necessary.

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