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Family of miniature vibration sensors from PCB Piezotronics grows

Jan 16, 2024

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Addition of TEDS functionality for the PCB-356A01 and 356A03 models
With the models TLD356A01 and TLD356A03, PCB Piezotronics is expanding its family of triaxial measuring ICP®/IEPE miniature accelerometers. These new models are upgrades of the 356A01 and 356A03 models - measuring ranges 1,000 and 500 g - and have a TEDS chip for storing sensor data such as sensitivity, calibration date, model and serial number. For space reasons, the TEDS chip has been placed in the sensor connector, so the small dimensions of the hermetically sealed titanium housing and the low sensor weight remain unaffected.
Top features
• Fast transfer of the sensor specifications when setting up the measurement campaign (must be supported by the front end)
• Wide frequency range up to 8.000 Hz
• Resonant frequency ≥50 kHz
• Edge length approx. 6,3 mm, weight only 1 gram
The triaxial models TLD356A01 and TLD356A03 are particularly suitable for measurements on small, lightweight components and devices with limited space. Applications include, for example Validation of electronic devices, development of vehicle systems, modal and structural analysis, ESS and HALT/HASS tests, space-constrained installations, vibration and qualification tests.

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