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New trends in the field of strain gauges

May 8, 2023

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The Saarbrücken based company, founded in 2017 and a specialist in customized sensor elements based on thin films, has been pushing new developments in its strain gauge section. The background is the new requirements in the context of the energy transition or renewable energies and the incorporation of AI into today's sensor systems. Accordingly, two fields are being served.

Applications in hydrogen gas

While proven thin-film systems prevent strain measurement in hydrogen atmospheres due to the effect of hydrogen, it has been possible to decimate this effect by changing the thin films used. This is done while retaining the usual added values of thin-film gauges, such as increased strain sensitivity and the usual compensation options.

Multifunctional gauges for AI applications

Thanks to the thin-film technology used as well as laser structuring, it has been possible to define not only strain sensitivity but also areas on the measuring element that convert other measured variables, such as temperature, into an electrically measurable signal.
In addition to the classic fields of application such as temperature adjustment, these elements are particularly suitable for AI-based signal analysis. Advantages result from the reduced installation effort as well as the greater informative value due to sensor layers that are spatially close together and identically coupled to the surface.

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