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Acal BFi is a technology company that was founded in 1956 and is active in 11 countries in Europe. We employ over 400 people, including 150 engineers and 40 developers at our technology and logistics centres in Germany, the UK and Hong Kong. Our company supplies OEMs, research institutes, companies and government agencies worldwide with its technological products.

At Sensor + Test 2024, Acal BFi will showcase a wide range of sensors and measurement technologies developed specifically for applications in the transport, medical, industrial, communications and renewable energy sectors. Our offering includes a variety of sensor types, including temperature sensors, gas sensors, position sensors, velocity and magnetic sensors, pressure and force sensors, motion sensors, industrial laser sensors, laser power meters and infrared measurement technology.

Product range and technologies:
Temperature sensors: Platinum and nickel RTDs, thermistors, thermopiles, pyrometers, fibre optic sensors and customised sensors for precise temperature measurements.
Gas sensors: Robust and reliable detection of CO2, VOCs, oxygen and other gases for various environments. Use of NDIR technology for low-maintenance CO2 modules and stable VOC sensors.
Position sensors and motion sensors: Precise detection of position, speed and movement for optimised control and monitoring systems.
Pressure and force sensors: Scalable solutions for measuring pressure and force in demanding applications. The range includes board-mounted sensors, media-insulated sensors and pressure transmitters.
Light, laser and IR measurement technology: Comprehensive solutions for measuring light, laser power and infrared temperature, including infrared calibrated sources and spectroradiometers.
Customised solutions and wireless connectivity:

Acal BFi offers customised solutions and advises on the selection of suitable wireless connectivity options for the realisation of complex projects. By working closely with leading manufacturers, we enable customised adaptations and offer technical expertise for the integration of modern sensor technologies.

Consultancy and technical support:
Our team of experts supports customers in selecting the optimal sensors and technologies for their specific applications. We provide technical support and advice from the design phase through to market launch to ensure the best possible solutions.
Thanks to our numerous branches throughout Europe, we can provide our customers with fast deliveries, direct access to their local contacts and visits at short notice. In addition to standard items, we also offer customised solutions for complex design challenges and applications.

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