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Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V.:
"Intelligent Sensor Systems made in Bavaria" - this is the common goal of the approximately 90 members of the Bavarian sensor network, including internationally leading, highly innovative companies and institutions. The Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V. (SPS) provides a roof and face to the outside world for the far-reaching Bavarian sensor competence under this guiding strategy: For more than 15 years, the regional network has bundled companies, universities and research institutions in the industry on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria as the Sensor Technology Cluster. Numerous partners from business, science and politics complement the network and are important interfaces to other technologies, industries and sectors.
Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches are driven forward, which help to master technology-based solutions for challenges with relevance for society as a whole. With the support of the network management, almost 200 innovation projects in the field of sensor technology have now been initiated between the network players and project volumes of over 50 million euros have been generated, a good half of which was acquired as government funding. High-tech innovation also results from the close cooperation of network members with Sensorik-Bayern GmbH, which, as a research partner and development service provider, has realized, among other things, a high-performance IIoT measurement system for the intelligent condition monitoring of plants and machines, sensor systems for the medical technology sector or for the field of robotics. Guidelines for technological roadmapping are provided, among other things, by broadly based scientific studies in the network, which also give political actors recommendations for action for technology promotion.
The Bavarian sensor network is a "one-stop store": Instead of trend-driven individual offers, the network management provides its members with an overall package of offers in the areas of networking, marketing, technology development, and organizational and personnel development.
With around 200 events per year, the sensor network has established itself as a lively platform for the exchange of business, science and politics. The sensor experts exchange industry-specific insights in technology forums and practical lectures, among other events. Thematic deepening takes place in working groups. Analog as well as digital seminars and workshops for the transfer of technology-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge are supplemented as needed with expert forums, practical meetings, open office hours. The annual Sensor Technology Summer School teaches what sensor technology can do and what employment opportunities it offers. In its cross-cluster collaborations, the sensor technology network promotes the exchange of knowledge across industries. Increasingly, the aspect of "sustainability" has also gained importance on the network's roadmap. In order to place resource-conserving and resource-efficient management increasingly on the agenda of member companies and to make corporate culture, production processes and products more sustainable, the sensor network has already responded with workshops and impulse lectures as new offerings and developed a sustainability roadmap.
The Strategic Partnership for Sensor Technology finances its activities with funding from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs' Cluster Offensive Bavaria, contributions from network members and other funding from projects at state, federal and EU level.

Sensorik-Bayern GmbH:
Sensorik-Bayern GmbH, 100% subsidiary of Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e.V., actively drives research and development in the sensor technology network. It supports you as a research partner and development service provider in the areas of Industrial IoT (IIoT), application-specific sensor systems, blockchain, and even bionics. Together with the actors of the Bavarian sensor technology Network, we shape future-oriented technologies. Several joint projects with network members are good evidence of how high-tech innovation can succeed.
Applications that have already been realized and tested in practice include a high-performance IIoT measurement system for intelligent condition monitoring of plants and machines, medical technology solutions, and innovative sensor systems in the field of robotics and bionics.
Our competencies at a glance:
Sensors and sensor systems
• Sensor systems for special electronics applications and software design
Industrial IoT
• Cloud and edge know-how, wireless data transfer
• Encrypted data transmission in sensor networks, use of blockchain technology
• Artificial intelligence at the edge


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