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Eduard-Maurer-Str. 9

16761 Hennigsdorf


+49 3302 89824-30



Hall 1 Booth 1-331

Catalogue entry

Manufacturer of Sensors for force, torque, acceleration.
Development and production of customer specific sensors.
Multi-Axis Force-Transducers, 6-Axis Sensors. Production of strain sensors, retro-fittable sensors and load pins. Strain Gages and accessories, glueing services,
sensor developement. Measurement amplifiers, dataloggers, M2M machine monitoring.
Devices with analogue output, RS232, USB, Bluetooth, GPRS, CAN and Ethernet.
On site service.

Product news

Product news DE EN Date
Miniature 3-axis force sensor K3D35 Feb 16, 2023

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