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No. 66 Qixia Avenue

210046 Nanjing Jiangsu Province


+86 25 85300032

+86 25 85329493



Hall 1 Booth 1-142

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GOVA Technology, a stock code: 688539 LLC founded in February 2000,is a high-tech firm engaged in research, design, production of high-reliability sensors and network systems. The main products deal with all kinds of pressure, temperature, humidity, acceleration, displacement and others, the above sensors are integrated into sensor network systems through software algorithms.

The company's core products have successfully participated in supporting tasks for key projects such as aerospace, manned spaceflight engineering, lunar exploration project, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), and space station construction projects, as well as high-reliability fields such as rail transit (Harmony and Fuxing trains), construction machinery, and metallurgy.

The company possesses multiple independent research and development capabilities and core technologies in high-reliability sensor packaging and testing, and sensor network systems. It has independent design capabilities for MEMS sensor chips and ASIC conditioning circuits, which have been mass-produced and achieved localization.

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Product groups

Angle, inclination, orientation
Force, load
Temperature, with contact
Hall angle sensor
Laser measuring cell

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