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For over 70 years, HEITO has been developing and producing bimetallic thermostats "made in France."

We provide bimetall thermostats (our vigitherms) for all kind of applications.

-Vigithermes are small thermostats with fixed settings. They provide protection against overheating or temperature control to the nearest degree.

-In the vigitherme, the thermostatic element is a bimetallic blade in the form of a spherical cap which has the property of turning over suddenly at a fixed and precise temperature.

-The operation of the device at this temperature, determined at the design stage of the vigitherm, remains unchanged.

It is therefore a snap-action thermostat which cannot be adjusted (insensitive to shocks, accelerations and vibrations).

Temperature specifications are given for unit control by using an air circulation in quasi-static mode.

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