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S4sensors, short for Smart Sensors System Solutions, is a pioneering start-up specializing in hall sensor technology, poised to redefine industry standards with its groundbreaking true vertical Hall technology. The company's innovative approach, based on patented 3-dimensional hall technology, enables high-performance and stray field immune measurements of lateral magnetic fields.
Building on its extensive experience in backside wafer processing, S4sensors employs a range of cutting-edge techniques to ensure exceptional sensor performance.
S4sensors offers Hall current sensors, which excel in measuring the magnetic field parallel to the bus bar surface. Through differential measurement mode, these sensors enable stray field immunity without the need for additional shielding.
Additionally, S4sensors developed 3D linear Hall sensors with excellent sensitivity and four 3D Hall-element clusters in a very compact form. This enables differential measurements in all 3 dimensions, making these sensors suitable for a wide range of applications such as rotation, linear displacement, and stray field immune capable joystick systems.

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Product groups

Angle, inclination, orientation
Electrical current, contactless
Magnetic flux density
Position (2D/3D)
Hall IC

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