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Simple and reliable monitoring solutions from T&D
Tailor-made data loggers promise efficient surveillance of climatic conditions for sensitive goods

Driven by a desire to “Let the cloud work for you”, T&D Corporation, the Japanese market leader for wireless data logging systems, has developed a range of effective, reliable and secure devices for continual monitoring of the cold chain during transportation, warehousing of sensitive goods and supervision of sales cabinets, and refrigerators. The three data logger families, TR4A, RTR500B and TR7A, can be individually adapted to specific requirements and are ideal for easy surveillance of climatic parameters. Data handling can be managed with T&D’s free of charge cloud, WebStorage Service or, if desired, via internal network T&D Data Server.

The TR4A series of data loggers operate with low energy Bluetooth 4.2, need no pre-registration and are instantly detected, and automatically refreshed, by mobile devices within the communication range.
The series comprises three competitively priced models with different sensor types and measurement ranges for various application requirements:
• TR41A measures temperatures from -40 to 80°C (internal sensor, IP67)
• TR42A measures from -60 to 155°C (external sensor, IP64)
• TR43A boasts a temperature measurement range of 0-55°C and can measure humidity from 10 to 95%RH
• TR45 is designed for industrial use and is available for thermocouple types K, J, T, S and R covering -199 to 1.760°C, or for type Pt 100/Pt 1000 with a range of between -199 and 600°C.

Two apps complement the TR4A series for efficient data collection and processing. The free TR4 Report app generates and summarizes temperature, humidity reports and graphs in less than a minute on-site. These reports, available as PDF files, can be supplemented with additional information and easily saved, emailed or printed. The T&D Thermo app, in tandem with TR4 Report, displays real-time temperature graphs and effortlessly uploads recorded data to the free, cloud-based T&D WebStorage service.

The best-selling RTR500B family includes wireless loggers, devices for communication and data collection, all of which can be combined with various software solutions. These data loggers are designed for users who need high-performance wireless logging together with optimal flexibility. The series includes 14 types of loggers measuring various parameters.
These remote units can be used in conjunction with three different wireless base units that offer connectivity with RTR500BW (W-LAN or cabled LAN), RTR500BM (4G) and RTR500BC (USB or repeater function). The wireless data loggers of RTR500B series are suitable for the measurement of temperature, humidity, illuminance, UV, CO2, voltage, 4-20mA, contact and pulse.

The RTR501B (IP 67) and RTR502B(IP64) data loggers are ideal for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream. The high-precision sensor of the RTR507B enables temperature measurements from -25 to 70°C / 0 to 99% RH (-20°C), and is accurate to ±0.3°C and ±2.5% RH. The RTR505B (Pt100 and 1000) also has an impressive measurement range from -199 to 600°C, while the RTR505B (with Tc type K, J, T, S) range is -199 to 1760°C.
If a warning is triggered, reports are sent automatically via various base units by email or SMS. An on-site alarm on base units can also be set up.
Also, Mobile App T&D 500B Utility is available. It is for setting up the base stations of RTR500BW/500BM and registration of remote units and repeaters via Bluetooth or Cloud on site without PC.
Thanks to the various capabilities of T&D’s free of charge WebStorage Service – such as monitoring current readings, automatic downloading and various warning notifications – the RTR500B family boasts a powerful data management system.
By networking several data loggers with one base station via W-LAN or LAN RTR500BW and repeater RTR500BC , large areas and several floors can be monitored simultaneously. Furthermore, up to 100 data loggers (RTR500BC via USB) can be connected to one base station.

RTR500BM 4G base station network is suitable for the application of cold chain-like transportation with various remote units like RTR501B and RTR502B.

The TR7 Series consists of various stand-alone devices. The TR7A models support Bluetooth 4.2 and wireless LAN, while the nw models are designed for wired LAN connection. Both provide two-channel sensors for temperature or temperature plus humidity.
• TR71A /TR-71nw measures temperatures from -40 to 110°C, depending on the sensor type. Optional sensors are available.
• TR72A /TR-72nw measures temperature and humidity from 0 to 55°C/10 to 95% RH
• TR72A-S/TR-72nw-S provides higher accuracy to ±2.5% RH and ±0.3°C, and measures -25 to 70°C/0 and up to 99% RH
• TR75A /TR-75nw is designed as a two-channel thermocouple sensor type (K, J, T, E, S, R) with a broad measurement range from -199 to 1760°C
Recorded data can be automatically uploaded to T&D’s WebStorage Service, which is accessible any time by computer, smartphone and tablet via mobile Thermo App connection.

24-hour data access from anywhere
Thanks to T&D’s free WebStorage Service, data can be effectively managed regardless of time or location, with measured values stored on a central server.
• The dashboard allows easy monitoring of registered devices.
• Current readings can be displayed as a list or graph. It is also possible to compare data from multiple devices in one graph. Additionally, data can be shown in XML format and instantly converted to CSV and PFD files.
• Device settings allow for recording intervals and upper or lower limits, for example, and can be easily changed by T&D Thermo app for TR4A, TR7A and T&D 500B Utility app for RTR500B via Bluetooth (
• Warnings appear in an alert notification box. Details of current and recovered alerts, and an alert log can also be easily accessed.
• A watchdog feature ensures faultless operation of all elements and checks battery life, power supply, wireless signal strength and ready-to-receive-status.
• Account management features enable the checking and changing of various settings, such as the registered email address and password, and read-only account.

Users who prefer to use their company’s own network, rather than the cloud, will be provided with free of charge software T&D Data Server. And last but not least, the free T&D Graph software enables direct download of recorded data in the WebStorage Service and Data Server, providing users with even more effective data analysis tools.

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