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PCB Piezotronics GmbH (formerly known as PCB Synotech GmbH) is the German sales subsidiary of the U.S. sensor manufacturer PCB Piezotronics, Inc. and has been active in the market since 1992. In addition to the broad product range of PCB® - with the product brands IMI Sensors, Endevco, The Modal Shop and Larson Davis - PCB Synotech distributes high-quality sensors and measurement technology from Setra Systems and other manufacturers.

The distributed sensors and instruments measure vibration, acceleration, sound, pressure, force as well as strain, and are used in industry as well as in the field of research and development.

PCB Piezotronics has been part of the Amphenol family since April 2021.

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Product news

Product news DE EN Date
Triaxial miniature ICP® accelerometer with connector Jan 17, 2024
The smallest triaxial ICP® sensor model with connector Jan 17, 2024
Dual-channel ICP®/IEPE measurement data acquisition Jan 17, 2024
Case-isolated triaxial ICP® accelerometer with TEDS Jan 17, 2024
Ultra-High Temperature Pressure Sensor up to 760 °C Jan 17, 2024
Gas-damped piezoresistive accelerometer for shock measurements Jan 16, 2024
MEMS DC accelerometers with low noise level and high resolution Jan 16, 2024
IEPE/ICP accelerometer up to 40 kHz Jan 16, 2024
Signal converter: from ICP®/IEPE to 4 ... 20 mA Jan 16, 2024
Ground-isolated miniature triax accelerometers with TEDS Jan 16, 2024
Structure Excitation with dual-purpose shaker Jan 16, 2024
Calibration solutions and services from PCB Piezotronics Jan 16, 2024
Industrial acceleration sensors for demanding and precise measurements in the field Jan 16, 2024
USB-based vibration recording and analysis kit Jan 16, 2024
Extremely low-noise ICP®/IEPE microphone Jan 16, 2024
NEW PCB microphone handbook Jan 16, 2024
Cost-effective transmitter for vibration monitoring on rotating machines Jan 16, 2024
Microphones for automotive development Jan 16, 2024
ICP® accelerometer for cryogenic applications Jan 16, 2024
Family of miniature vibration sensors from PCB Piezotronics grows Jan 16, 2024
New acoustic pressure sensor for high temperatures Jan 16, 2024
Calibration solutions and services from PCB Piezotronics Jan 16, 2024
NVH sensors for e-mobility Jan 16, 2024
Precise high-frequency measurement with PCB's latest triaxial accelerometer Jan 16, 2024
Flexible differential pressure sensors for building technology Jan 16, 2024

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