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Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik is an innovative, globally active sensor manufacturer from Prignitz in Brandenburg. For more than 22 years, the company has been developing, producing and selling pressure and temperature transmitters and level probes worldwide with a very high level of volume chain "from the chip to the fully calibrated transmitter". The company's production facilities are located in Weisen and Wittenberge.
The company currently employs around 100 specialists in microsystems technology, including 14 employees in research and development, and has a sales and service network in 40 countries. More than 65% of the company's products are exported.
One of Prignitz MST's most important developments is a new sensor technology - the patented P2P technology. This makes it possible to manufacture extremely robust high-pressure transmitters for numerous industrial applications. In 2021, Prignitz MST was awarded the Brandenburg Innovation Prize for the development of pressure sensor solutions for hydrogen applications. Over the past three years, the company's portfolio has been significantly expanded, in particular to include a variety of pressure sensors for hydrogen applications, construction and agricultural machinery, oil production, industrial process control and automation.


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