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Strain gauges and miniature sensors of Zemic Europe in consumer electronics

May 4, 2023

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At Zemic Europe we receive an increasing amount of inquiries for strain gauges and force sensors for the use in consumer electronics.
As this market segment is relatively new for the traditional weighing market, it motivates us to come up with innovative solutions. Consumer electronics are very application specific, so it challenges our engineering department to develop new solutions. In many of these applications we see the use of strain gauge based sensors.

What Zemic components are used for consumer electronics?
Zemic Europe delivers a lot of custom made strain gauges and miniature sensors to this branche. Each application has its own requirements. Our ZYM strain gauges are widely used for consumer electronics applications.

Characteristics of these strain gauges:
• They are ultra-thin & small sized. The thickness is only 0.045 mm.
• They are light weight, they weigh only 0.008 gram.
• Our high quality standards enable high stability, repeatability and reliability.
• Fatigue life of 10.000.000 at 1000 micro strain.
• Temperature compensation between -30 and +80 degrees Celsius.
• Wide range of strain can be measured (2%-15%)
• Within this series we can offer an high impedance of 2000 Ohm, with a small 5x5 mm full bridge strain gauge

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