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Digital tempature sensors for the laser industry

Apr 18, 2023

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Digital temperature sensors made in Germany by Delta-R from Mannheim.
The intensity and efficiency of a laser are temperature dependent. Temperature monitoring using sensors is therefore essential for consistent laser beam quality. Depending on the laser type and application, different requirements are placed on the temperature sensors. For this reason, redundant thermometers with several sensors of the highest accuracy and different measuring principles are used in lasers for tumor treatment. If available, the cooling medium is already measured using EMC-protected cable sensors. In the case of lasers for other medical purposes, simpler thermometers are usually sufficient. While high accuracy is required for dialysis, redundant systems are used to monitor the ambient temperature of intubated patients. In the laser industry for machines, the trend is towards digital sensors. These have the advantage of being insensitive to EMC and also offer advantages with regard to the evaluation of cable routes of different lengths. Digital sensors - whether classic or in one-wire technology - facilitate error analysis. Drift problems can usually be neglected with these sensor types.

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