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Customized temperature sensors "Made in Germany"

Apr 18, 2023

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Customized temperature sensors made in Germany by Delta-R located in Mannheim.
More and more sensor manufacturers manufacture their temperature sensors, also known as thermometers, in subsidiaries in other European, Asian or Arabic countries. Even before the pandemic, the cost savings gained through a lower wage level were at the expense of the speed of delivery and restricted flexibility. Greatly increased delivery costs have made domestic manufacturers more attractive. A rethink has taken place among customers. Reliable supply chains are considered important. Local sourcing is trendy. Local procurement is also preferred for environmental reasons. More and more buyers are not only wondering whether the products have to travel halfway around the world before they are finished.
Delta-R made a conscious decision to continue manufacturing exclusively in Germany. Being close to the customer promotes both speed and flexibility in the production of customized cable thermometers. Due to the limited international supply chains and the resulting long delivery times, variability has become indispensable for the production of sensors. The lived flexibility at Delta-R goes so far that the customer can provide his pre-material if desired.

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