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Rotronic HygroGen2 and Michell S8000 Remote provide cost-effective, traceable humidity calibrations.

Apr 17, 2023

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Together, the PST Brands Michell Instruments and Rotronic offer the most comprehensive humidity and dew-point calibration offering on the market today, including some very attractive packages of products – such as the Rotronic HygroGen2 Humidity and Temperature Calibrator with the Michell S8000 Remote Chilled Mirror Reference Hygrometer.

What makes this such an attractive pairing?
The Rotronic HygroGen2 satisfies the stringent demands of quality and compliance regulations with its ability to calibrate humidity and temperature instruments over their full working range. As the leading instrument in its class, it is favored in ISO 17025-accredited humidity calibration laboratories across the world. It is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because it is both portable and robust, allowing it to be set up at the installation location to allow for complete system qualification.
Chilled mirror Instruments are widely acknowledged as the definitive humidity calibration reference and are used as the default transfer standard all the way up to the highest level of measurement – National Metrology Institutes, including NPL (National Physical Laboratory), NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology), PTB, NML. The Michell S8000 Remote is a compact chilled mirror hygrometer with a remote sensor, offering a measurement range from <0.5 %rh to 100 %rh (-40 to +120 °C dew point), with a market-leading accuracy of ±0.1 °Cdp.

The Michell S8000 Remote integrates seamlessly with the Rotronic HygroGen2 software for automated calibration routines, allowing for complete calibration traceability. The S8000 Remote sensor and PRT have specially designed ports and O-rings to ensure the fit in the HygroGen2 is completely airtight.
As well as use in pharmaceutical plants and calibration laboratories the HygroGen2 and S8000 Remote calibration package is suitable for any application that requires on-site calibration of humidity and temperature instruments.

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