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Ultrasonic flow modules for integration or as stand-alone solution

Apr 6, 2023

The new, innovative and easy-to-integrate flow modules of the SQ-FM3 series from SonoQ also enable access to the special diagnostic capabilities of ultrasonic technology. In addition to precise flow measurement, the module family also provides information about the characteristic media properties such as the temperature of the medium or changes in its composition (e.g. due to contamination or air bubbles). These important process parameters can be used to optimise maintenance and service intervals. In addition, the SonoQ technology also enables the measurement of the smallest flow rates, e.g. for leakage detection. The SQ-FM3 series is available in the DN10 design and is constructed without moving parts. It is long-term stable and self-monitoring and also reacts to rapid or pulsating flow changes. The module family is available as a low-cost variant for system integration or as a stand-alone solution. Due to the compact design, the standardised outputs, 4 to 20 mA and frequency from 0 to 10 kHz, the module can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into existing applications. In addition to the flow rate, the process parameters for quality assurance, maintenance and process monitoring can also be requested via the RS485 interface. Applications for these sensors can be found, among others, in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation technology, e.g. in cooling water circuits or cooling tower technology.

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