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How to count small objects quickly and accurately?

Apr 4, 2023

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A challenge for manufacturers in various industry is that they need to count all kinds of small parts efficiently and accurately everyday. It is difficult to count these small objects without any faults with hands, so we have to look for an effective solution.

The small objects manufacturers likely to count are electronics components, nuts, screws, buttons, tablets etc., some of them are plastic and some of them are metal. Typically, manufacturers utilize weighing devices to calculator the quality of objects, but this method is not suitable for some industries, such as pharmaceutical, because they require higher accuracy.

IMS corporation has developed a series cross-beam photoelectric counting sensors (frame light barrier) to meet the demanding requirement. These products are widely used in package automation industry. The frame light barriers have following strengths:
High response time down to 1ms
Suitable for all kind of material, metal, nonmetal or liquid drop
Volume calculation possible for in line quality checking
One sensor for both dynamic and static detection with same resolution
Various sensing ares: 20*20mm, 20*30mm, 30*40mm, 40*50mm, 60*80mm, 30*68mm, 60*90mm...

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