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CMS Series - Fully Compensated Pressure Sensor - SMD Compact Solution

Mar 30, 2023

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Looking for a highly compact, fully compensated, digital I²C and SPI pressure-sensor package designed to offer long-term, high-accuracy pressure response? Look no further than the CMS Series. This piezoresistive pressure sensor uses an ASIC to calibrate and compensate thermal and non-linearity effects. The CMS is very versatile. The compact size, excellent burst pressure, wide operation voltage range and low power mode allow the design of small and low power devices. This device can be used at a wide pressure range, absolute and gage options are available.

Range: 2 to 150 psi (0.14 to 10.34 bar; 13.79 to 1,034.21 kPa)
Type: Absolute, gage
Media: Clean, dry air and non-corrosive gases (No Gel) Liquids compatible with silicone (Gel option)
Packaging:Bulk, Tape & Reel
Flexibility: Sensitivity, resistance, bridge, constraint, etc.
Temperature Range: -40 to 85 °C
Industrial -- Pneumatic systems
Medical -- Equipment for diagnosis and analysis
Consumer -- Appliances and electronics

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