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±2000 V, ±2000A, 15 MS/s: Dewesoft SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR

Mar 24, 2023

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Hard- and Software manufacturer Dewesoft developed a new zero-flux based solution for safe high-power in-vehicle measurement of current, voltage, and power in e-mobility applications
Hybrid ADC technology allows it to be used in early development applications, including transient and harmonic analysis, powertrain efficiency, and more. It can also be used at the validation stage, performing standardized driving cycles like WLTP in order to determine the driving range and full power analysis.
The PoE/CAN powered SIRIUSi-XHS-PWR zero-flux is connected directly between existing cables – no additional HV-cables are routed through the vehicle.
It’s designed to measure voltages up to ±2000 V (0.03% accuracy) and currents up to ±2000A with a maximum sampling rate of 15 MS/s. Hybrid ADC technology enables high bandwidth and high dynamic measurements in one device.
In high-bandwidth mode, both current and voltage are sampled at rates up to 15 MS/s with up to 5 MHz bandwidth. High dynamic alias-free mode with up to 2 MS/s sampling provides up to 140 dB dynamic range.
The system is tested to the EN 61010-1 safety standard providing channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation to CATII 1000 V. The IP65-rated chassis, having the power lines running through, operates between -20°C and 70°C, and withstands high shock and vibration. Internal temperature monitoring is also provided.
Measured values can be transferred via Ethernet, XCP, OPC UA, and CAN. Data is synchronized with additional data from CAN BUS, GPS and IMU data, video, and more. Synchronization is achieved using the IEEE 1588v2 PTP timing protocol.

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