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Tiny Pressure Scanner Makes Big Impact on Efficiency

Mar 23, 2023

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Improving efficiency is a top priority for most companies, none more so, than the energy sector.
A tiny pressure scanner is helping to make big improvements for wind turbine manufacturers as the seek to capture energy more efficiently.
EvoScann® P16-A pressure scanner is so small that it can fit inside a turbine blade whilst it measures the aerodynamic pressure distribution and therefore the blade’s effectiveness.
Its small size means it can unobtrusively reach previously unmeasured places, resulting in much more meaningful measurements for engineers, which ultimately enables improved aerodynamic efficiency of the blades.
EvoScann® have risen to the call from customers for a super small pressure scanner, which reliably delivers digital data at speed, with accuracy and the high-performance and robustness that these applications demand. Available in 8, 16 or 64 channel configurations, the EvoScann® pressure scanner is truly revolutionising aerodynamic pressure scanning.

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