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Standard photo diodes and photo diodes arrays

Mar 15, 2023

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ESPROS offers as standard products photo diodes such as the epc200 and photo diode arrays like the epc300 – epc330.
Compared to competitor products, e.g. BPW34 or BP104, they consume much less space with similar or even better performance. And, they are available in different sizes to match exactly to the application.

For commercial, or even more importantly, for professional and medical applications are wearable electronics, small size, slim, light weight sensors to build flexible electronics and many, many more ideas ...
Let us start the easy way: Most photonics developer are familiar with photo diodes like BPW 34, BP 104, PD70 or similar. These are verygood, well known and approved products used satisfactorily in a very high number of applications. But still, even with use of SMD packages, They are quite bulky.
What will be nice: Having products with the same technical and price performance but smaller, slimmer, less weight? It helps to re-use a lot of developments already done which saves time and money. These are the exact USPs of the epc200 and epc3xx-family products. Check them out and you will be astonished by their tremendous potential.

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