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Test sequencer for small and medium sized systems

Mar 8, 2023

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The test sequencer for small and medium sized systems.
New test sequencer developed by LXinstruments, especially suitable for small and medium sized systems with normal complexity of required test sequences. Due to a simple licensing model, there is only a one-time cost for the customer.
Equipped with all necessary standard features, the test sequencer developed by LXinstuments meets all criteria for a successful and smooth test process:
- Easy creation of test plans and sequences without major programming effort
- Intuitive and easy operation via a graphical user interface
- Fast and automated execution of test sequences
- Storage of measurement data in a database for further processing
- Flexible use and wide range of applications
- Uncomplicated and problem-free integration into process structures already provided by the customer
- Further use of the created sequences
Typical applications are found where a usual complexity of test sequences has to be processed and special features of other sequencers are not required. Thus LXinstuments offers an optimal alternative for small and medium sized systems.

Simple and intuitive operation for users and programmers
The integrated WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) framework provides a user-friendly program interface. Two different modes are available:
1. the operator mode for opening and starting test plans. Here, product name and serial number as well as all variables necessary for the test procedure can be entered. Via a product database, the stored product names are assigned to the corresponding test plan and loaded automatically.
2. test plans are created, managed and saved in the edit mode. The toolbar contains all standard elements required for programming the test plans. All test plans can be saved in XML format and can be reused for other applications.

Extensions provide a future-proof perspective
Via the "Tms Xml Driver Editor" it is possible to integrate already existing device DLLs (Dynamic Link Library). A test report can be generated as a csv file via a plug-in. Further plug-ins can be added at any time without any problems.
Due to the open structure, further interfaces and products can be integrated without restrictions. The TMS sequencer is offered as license software. For the customer this has the advantage that no further costs arise for an acquired license. As a powerful extension, the TSCOE (Test Sequencer Common Operator Environment) software suite, also developed in-house by LXinstruments, is available.
All software solutions from LXinstruments are technically state-of-the-art and precisely coordinated with each other, and are constantly being further developed in a future-oriented manner in accordance with current market requirements.

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