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H2S gas sensor now with new UVLED technology from Wi.Tec

Feb 28, 2023

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As part of the continuous development of the NDUV ULTRA.sens line, a novel and powerful H2S gas sensor technology (hydrogen sulfide measurement) has been realized. In this case, the photometric gas sensor uses a UVLED that has been tuned to the H2S band in the UV range. This enables selective gas measurement of H2S concentrations in the range 0-1000ppm or 0-10.000ppm. Advantageous is especially the compact design, the low weight and a low power consumption that is <100mW. This makes it possible to operate mobile gas measuring devices as well as stationary gas measuring stations. The basis for this sensor development was laid within the framework of an R&D project funded by the German Environmental Foundation (DBU).
With the help of a clocked control of the UVLED, the pulse operation can be adapted to the respective application and thus a lifetime of >5 years can be realized.
The main areas of application are in biotechnology (biogas, fermenters, etc.) and process engineering. The setup can also be equipped with a corrosion-resistant measuring chamber. Piping of the gas paths and thermostatization of the setup is also possible. Furthermore, the H2S-ULTRA.sens can also be combined with the well-known NDIR INFRA.sens modules to measure other gases. In biogas, for example, these would be carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4.

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