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Broadcom releases hydrogen flame detectors

Feb 27, 2023

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Broadcom is proud to offer a new range of pyroelectric hydrogen flame detectors.
This product line has been expanded due to the growing demand in hydrogen usage as a fuel for boilers, vehicles, and other environmentally friendly applications.

Our new products in the flame detection product line comprises of both analog (AFBR-S6PY3200) and digital (AFBR-S6EPR44352) sensors in a TO-can package. Careful filter choice provides our customers with an optimized signal level that meets various certification expectations and provides a wide 110 o  Field of View (FoV).
Broadcom’s unique and patented technology of thin-film PZT pyroelectric sensors is exceptionally suitable for hydrogen flame sensing due to the intrinsic high speed detection mechanism. This feature is hugely important in the hydrogen flame safety measures, where the flame can flicker with up to 20Hz of characteristic frequency. Broadcom flame sensors are demonstrated to capture ignition with <3ms capture time in flame suppression systems. Our new products can work as a standalone hydrogen flame sensor or as a complement to the 3IR systems.
Both of our analog and digital flame solutions are a viable and cost effective alternatives to UV discharge sensors and require only minimal supply voltage (up to 8V for an analog detector and up to 3.6V for a digital detector).

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