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Figaro’s Lead-free, Quick Response, Potentiostatic Electrolysis-type, Compact Oxygen Sensor TGS4260

Feb 20, 2023

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Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the coming soon product – the compact size, quick response, lead-free Oxygen sensor TGS4260.

TGS4260 is a potentiostatic electrolysis-type oxygen sensor that has a wide measuring range and operating temperature range. Its performance is compliant with the technical requirements of relevant US and European standards.
It is easy to incorporate this sensor in size-oriented applications such as portable oxygen detectors and multi-gas detectors.

* Lead-free
* In 20mm industrial standard packages
* Linear output
* Quick response to Oxygen
* High repeatability/selectivity to O2
* Long life

* Oxygen concentration monitors
* Stationary O2 detectors
* Portable O2 detectors
* Multi-gas detectors

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