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Maxell Lead-Free Oxygen Sensors KE-LF Series

Feb 20, 2023

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Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to introduce the Maxell Lead-Free Oxygen Sensors KE-LF Series.
The Maxell Oxygen Sensor KE-LF Series are unique galvanic cell-type oxygen sensors developed by Maxell, Ltd. in Japan. Their most notable features are lead-free, long-life expectancy, excellent chemical durability, and no influence by CO2. KE-LF Series Oxygen sensors are ideal to meet the ever-increasing demand for oxygen monitoring in various fields such as combustion gas monitoring, the biochemical field, domestic combustion appliances, medical devices, etc.

* Lead-free galvanic cell-type sensor
- no external power supply required for sensor operation
- no warmup time required
- meets RoHS2 directive
* Weak acid electrolyte
- virtually no influence from CO2, H2S, SO2
- long life - 3~10 years in ambient air

* Safety - Oxygen detectors
* Environmental controls - Combustion gas monitoring
* Food industry - Refrigeration, greenhouses
* Educational material - Oxygen test kits
* Medical devices - artificial ventilator, anesthesia apparatus, infant incubator

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