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GO>>ing - the eMagazine with special edition for SENSOR+TEST 2023

Feb 8, 2023

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Not only is the digitization of industry continuing to increase, but magazines are also becoming increasingly digital with the user. In 2022, our editorial team therefore started GO>>ing - the eMagazine for measuring, driving and automating. In the meantime, the new digital trade journal has established itself in the market for automation technology and especially in measurement technology. In 2023, therefore, six issues will already be published - again with an exciting special issue on SENSOR+TEST.
GO>>ing forms the thematic bracket around our previous digital networks and media brands messweb and drivesweb. Thus, we cover not only topics such as measurement technology and drive technology, but the entire range of automation technology. GO>>ing stands on the one hand for the reader target group of engineers, on the other hand for an information source that you can read everywhere - just to GO>>! For designers, developers, scientists, OEMs and end customers, the new brand is intended to become an important supplier of knowledge and information. Comprehensive, in-depth, but still compact - this is how we reach the most important readers and decision-makers from a wide range of industries in which automation technology and important design elements are used with GO>>ing. The system and solution approach always comes first!


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