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Ultra Hermetic Parylene Conformal Coating

Feb 6, 2023

Following years of research at COAT-X, a new ultra tight conformal coating of Parylene is available for long-term the protection of printed circuits boards, sensors and actuators. The technology relies on the Chemical Vapour Deposition of Parylene C or Parylene F and on the Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition of ceramics. Both materials are ideally combined to produce a ultra tight moisture barrier of a few microns. The water vapour transmission rate is as allow as 6E-4 g mm/m2day, 2'000 lower than pure Parylene coatings and 20'000 less than epoxy resins.

Thanks to a low process temperature, the technology is compatible with temperature sensitive materials and components. The conformal coatings are crack-free, resist to large temperature cycles (55 to +125°C), and can be exposed to solder reflow temperatures.

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