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Of growing importance -localization of sound sources using 3D sound intensity probes

Jan 27, 2023

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Of growing importance -localization of sound sources using 3D sound intensity probes

The localization of sound sources using three-dimensional sound intensity probes / SIS has already been gaining importance for several years, such as for applications on robots in the automotive industry.

For this reason, MTG places particular emphasis on the development and manufacture of an extensive range of sound intensity probes.

The highlight s include the SIS 194 3D 1/2" and SIS 194 3D 1/4"

SIS 194 3D 1/2”

• 35 Hz to 1.5 kHz
• 12-pin Lemo®
• Microphone power supply: IEPE

SIS 194 3D 1/4”

• 1 Hz to 10 kHz
• 12-pin Lemo®
• Microphone power supply: IEPE

The sound intensity probe SIS 194 3D allows a simultaneous sound intensity measurement at one point of a room in all three dimensions. For this purpose an arrangement of three one-dimensional sound intensity probes is formed, thus all three axes of the microphone pairs cross in one point and are in a plane perpendicular in each case.

Each of those microphone pairs constitutes a one-dimensional sound intensity probe in conventional design.
In addition to measurement of sound pressure, each individual sound intensity probe -by its two-microphone-technology - enables the acquisition of the sound pressure gradient and thus the sound intensity computation.

The quality of conformity of both measurement capsules, relating to their transfer function, is measured in accordance with DIN EN 61043 and IEC 1043 respectively
and documented as pressure-intensity-distance/residual-intensity-distance for probes.
To each measurement-capsule pair of the SIS 194 3D a measurement report is enclosed. On the basis of this report the compliance with tolerance limits for class 1.
probes is apparent.

SIS 194 3D 1/2”

The SIS 194 3D 1/2" consists of three Measuring Microphone Capsules Pairs MK 290 E (2x MK 222 E) with matched phase response and frequency response. Due to the use of the 1/4” Measuring Microphone Preamplifiers MV 310, sound field distortions (shadowing and diffractions) are minimal. The distance between the microphone pairs is defined by spacers (50 mm). These enable measurements in a frequency range between 35 Hz and 1,5 kHz.

SIS 194 3D 1/4”

The probe consists of two in phase- and frequency response matched measurement-microphone capsules MK 222 E (order drawing MK 290 E) and MK 301 E (order drawing MK 390 E). By the use of the constant current powered 1/4 ‘’ measurement-preamplifier MV 310 the sound field distortions (shading and diffraction) are minimal. The distance between the three microphone capsules is accurately defined by means of a spacer. Thereby measurements are possible in a frequency range from 35 Hz to 10 kHz.

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