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STMicroelectronics family of MEMS pressure sensors for industrial applications

Jan 27, 2023

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The ILPS22QS and ILPS28QSW family of ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute industrial pressure sensors work as digital I2C/SPI output barometers and support dual measurement full-scale up to 4060 hPa. The ILPS28QSW variant comes in a special package for waterproof applications. Both types of sensors embed an analog hub with Qvar electrostatic charge sensing technology to acquire and process environmental conditions for applications such as liquid-flow detection.
This new generation of industrial pressure sensors is ideal for the following types of applications:
• gas meters and boilers
• monitoring of faucets, irrigation, and water heating
• inside pumps and swimming pool cleaners
• asset tracking
• monitoring ventilation and air conditioning filters
• in washing machines and vacuum cleaners
• gardening tools like lawnmowers
A waterproof ILPS28QSW version in a ceramic LGA package with a metal lid is available for conditions involving significant liquid levels such as pipes. It is also designed and tested to resist corrosive agents such as n-Pentane in gas metering, certain fuels, and other chemicals like chlorine, bromine, and salt water. For industrial applications, a sealing mechanism such as an O-ring is required to avoid water or other liquids reaching the PCB or other areas of the final product. This structure is designed and verified to resist water pressure up to 1 MPa.

The key benefit of these new ST MEMS pressure sensors is the very low-noise floor down to 0.34 Pa, which ensures highly accurate pressure change measurements. The absolute pressure reading accuracy is down to 0.5 hPa. The ASIC components include special features and embedded temperature compensation to minimize the impact of temperature on the pressure reading. The very low 1.7 µA current consumption and 1.8 V to 3.6 V supply voltage also render these devices highly suitable for battery-powered applications. The output data rate is also programmable up to 200 Hz. The -40 to 105°C operating range is suitable for industrial applications. The ILPS22QS sensor occupies a very small 2x2-mm footprint, while the ILPS28QSW comes in a special 2.8x2.8-mm package with O-ring connection.
The Qvar electrostatic charge sensor is based on electrostatic induction or charge transfer instead of electromagnetic effects. Qvar is an electrical potential sensing channel able to measure quasi-electrostatic potential changes.

STMicroelectronics is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors for consumer applications like mobile phones, wearables, and smart watches. The ILPS22QS and ILPS28QSW enable new high-volume applications for pressure sensors in industrial applications and come with a 10-year longevity commitment ensuring long-term supply.

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