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NEW - WME 980 AM as digital version in addition to the weatherproof microphone units WME 980 AM and WME 980 CN

Jan 26, 2023

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Noise pollution - a scourge of our time.

This makes the exact measurement of environmental noise pollution with precise special microphones all the more important.

In today's age of high environmental and health awareness, accurate noise measurement of various types of noise pollution, such as traffic noise, aircraft noise, construction noise, rail and industrial noise and other sources of noise emissions is of crucial importance.

Microtech Gefell/ MTG traditionally offers a wide range of precision measuring microphones with weather protection for temporary and permanent installations.

The WME 980 AM and WME 980 CN are high-end weatherproof microphone units for permanent outdoor measurement as well as stationary or mobile community-noise monitoring or stationary or mobile airport noise (WME 980 AM).

• sound incidence vertical (AM) or horizontal (CN) to the microphone axis
• 20 Hz to 20 KHz
• 15 dB(A) to 146 dB
• Lemo® ERD.2S.306
• Power supply: 6 to 25 V DC
• remote calibration with electrostatic actuator

The housing is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a bird spike, windscreen and rain shield.
Inside the housing are easily exchangeable dehumidifier bags with silica gel and an easily exchangeable dehumidifier adapter TA 202 L with a humidity indicator window is part of the measurement microphone.

The weatherproof microphone units have a pole adapter with a G 1.5“ thread for installation. A tripod adapter or G 1“ thread adapter can be screwed directly to the pole adapter.
The weatherproof microphone units can be calibrated with standard 1/2“ sound calibrators. For remote calibration, a remotely switchable, built-in calibration generator feeds a 1 kHz calibration signal into the measurement microphone via an electrostatic actuator.

Inside the housing there are switches for the cable driver and the microphone heater, which prevents condensation under extreme climatic conditions. The weatherproof microphone units are suitable for sound level meters of Type 1 acc. IEC 61672.

WME 980 AM as digital variant with USB interface

The 980 AM as digital variant is the latest product of the in-house development.

The recent market launch of a digital version of the WME 980 AM was carried out in response to important user impulses and allows an individual expansion of the functionality and the range of applications, especially in aircraft noise measurement.

The digital version consists of the 1/2" measuring microphone capsule MKS 221, the 1/2" measuring microphone preamplifier MV 240 digital with USB interface, the dehumidifier adapter TA 202 L, the rain/dust protection RS 98 as well as the wind protection VW 98 with bird deflector.

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