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Permanent Magnet Shakers and Slip Table

Jan 18, 2023

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Dynalabs permanent magnet shakers are compact, lightweight and powerful general-purpose shakers which can be used for modal and vibration testing. They have high DUT capacity despite their small sizes. DYN-PM-20 and PM-100 has an integrated amplifier and a sine wave signal generator where the frequency can be adjusted from 1 Hz to 15,000Hz.
Dynalabs Slip Table has light weight magnesium slip plate and magnetic levitation joint. These features result in long-term reliability and durability.
The shaker can also be separated from the slip table and rotated to the vertical position. Thus, shaker can be used in a normal vibration testing set-up.

• Vibration testing of micro parts, assemblies and electronics
• Sensor calibration
• Modal testing
• Shock testing
• Fatigue and resonance testing
• Velocity transducer or high-speed actuator
• Mechanical impedance measurement
• Education and research

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