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Extremely simple measurement of liquid viscosity with the Viscometer VT-06

Jan 12, 2023

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The measurement by the viscometer / viscometer VT-06 of the Japanese specialist RION Co., Ltd. is made by simply immersing a rotor in the liquid. The resistance to rotor movement (torque) caused by the viscosity is measured in order to obtain direct readings.

The compact design and light weight make the VT-06 Uni-Cylinder Rotary Viscotester easily portable and allow it to be operated with only one hand.
It can be powered by an AC adapter or, for complete portability, by alkaline or rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries. Viscosity is displayed directly in decipascal seconds (SI units).
A dedicated stand for measurement is also available as an option.

The VT-06 has been specially designed for quality control in the manufacture of
industrial products, such as gear oils, petrochemicals, adhesives, paints and foodstuffs.

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