Mobile Testing

Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Welcome to the Technology & Application Guided Tour!
Mobile Testing

Experience sensor and measurement technology for the mobility of the future at first hand on a guided tour during SENSOR+TEST 2024. Discover the fascinating world of mobile testing on land, on water and in the air and immerse yourself in the latest developments that are revolutionizing the mobility industry.

The guided tour will take you through an impressive range of innovations in the field of mobile testing. Learn how advanced sensor technologies and metrology solutions optimize the performance, safety and efficiency of all types of vehicles and aircraft.

From individual components to complete structures, exhibiting companies will present groundbreaking measurement principles and sensor technologies that enable precise monitoring and control of complex mobility systems.

Learn how accelerometers and power measurements help to optimize the dynamic events of manned and unmanned mobiles and to ensure seamless data collection. The guided tour will give you insights into the advanced technologies that take mobile control and stability to a new level.

A special highlight is high-voltage technology, which is crucial for electric vehicles. Learn how innovative measurement methods and solutions ensure the safe handling of high-voltage components and at the same time increase the performance of the vehicles.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect directly and efficiently with experts, expand your knowledge and gain deep insights into mobile test technology. Experience how sensors and measurement systems improve mobility and enable sustainable, efficient and safe locomotion.

The tour will be complemented by a panel discussion and best practice lectures. Be inspired and get new impulses for your own technological development.

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