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Axetris is a leading provider of components and modules for gas sensing, gas flow and gas control, powered by Axetris’ proprietary platinum based Pt-microchip technology. All products are manufactured at Axetris’ state-of-the-art micro-technology clean room facilities in the central part of Switzerland.

The product range includes ultra-compact, high-accuracy and fast response mass-flow meters and controllers, rugged infrared light sources for advanced gas sensing applications in mid-IR and high-selectivity laser gas detectors based on tuneable diode laser spectrometry.

Axetris is also a leading provider of micro-optical lenses and diffractive optics and offers MEMS Services for select customers. Axetris engineering and manufacturing teams combine broad experience in design, manufacturing and metrology from the microchip to advanced electronic modules.

With broad and in-depth application know-how, Axetris supports its customers in many industries. Customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely for customer specific solutions on Axetris as a competent partner from concept to volume production.

Axetris AG is a company of the privately owned Leister Group which has over 70 years experience in the development, production and worldwide distribution of premium technical products.


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