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Beamex LOGiCAL subscription-based calibration software

Mar 7, 2023

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Beamex LOGiCAL is an advanced, subscription-based calibration software using cloud technology. LOGiCAL is the easy way to digitalize your calibration process.

Just subscribe for access anytime, anywhere
Beamex LOGiCAL Calibration Management Software helps you to manage your instrumentation assets easily and affordably. With LOGiCAL, you know what, when, and how to calibrate and can execute your calibration work efficiently. The digital data flow between LOGiCAL and supported mobile solutions makes your calibration process more consistent, streamlined, and reliable.


Easy and affordable calibration management
Because your calibration data is stored in the cloud you can access it anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure, and you always have the latest version of the software.

Instrument management
LOGiCAL includes versatile tools for instrument creation. You can manage an unlimited number of instruments in your database, arrange instruments hierarchically according to plant structure, and manage how and when instruments should be calibrated.

Reference management
Manage the calibration details of your references and make sure they are calibrated on time. Any Beamex MC6, MC4, and MC2 family calibrators you use will be automatically added to your reference database.

Guided calibration process
LOGiCAL and supported mobile solutions guide your workers throughout the entire calibration execution process to ensure that all calibrations are executed according to predefined procedures.

Digital data flow
LOGiCAL communicates seamlessly with Beamex documenting calibrators and the Beamex bMobile Calibration Application, allowing you to execute and document calibrations automatically.

Analyze and generate certificates
LOGiCAL permanently stores your calibration results with a full calibration history. You can use LOGiCAL to review and analyze results and generate configurable calibration certificates.

High security
Your valuable calibration data is protected according to the highest industry standards as LOGiCAL uses Microsoft’s Azure service.

LOGiCAL pricing
LOGiCAL is an affordable solution with an attractive subscription fee and scalable pricing, based on the number of calibrations you execute . Unlimited users and instruments are included. Purchases can be made within LOGiCAL or by requesting a quote.

What makes LOGiCAL different?

The easiest way to digitalize calibration
Fast to set up, easy-to-use guided and automated calibration, intuitive data analysis, and calibration certificate generation.

Scalable and cost-effective
Subscription model, credit card or invoice payment, low cost, pay-per-use, and no expensive IT infrastructure.

A platform for collaboration
Multi-tenant SaaS architecture ideal for maintenance and service suppliers, with unlimited users and instruments.

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