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Sensors, piezoelectric and strain gauge based for load cells, accelerometers, inclinometers, pressure, sound, torque & displacement.
Special sensors for Condition Monitoring, crash, road load, NVH, modal analysis for automotive, aerospace, railway, wind turbines etc.
Vibrometer, mobile and cost-effective electronics, DAQ and shakers.

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Product news DE EN Date
Super low-cost capacitive MEMS acceleration sensors with internal amplification from the specialists Aug 30, 2023
New: Smart-Weld laser seam tracking system for welding automation Jul 20, 2023
Innovative solotions for satellites - from Sensor / Connector to DAQ Jun 15, 2023
Vibration meters from RION: high quality, reliable and cheaper than you think May 26, 2023
Simply smart: The Android mobile application for measuring wheelset parameters Apr 12, 2023
Precise and reliable fluid level measurement in grey and black water WITHOUT clogging Mar 13, 2023
WearDetect: The simple and cost-effective solution for condition monitoring of wind turbines Mar 13, 2023
Robust and reliable sensors for (updraft) wind power plants! Jan 12, 2023
Vibrometer for (almost) every budget! Jan 12, 2023
disynet Partnership with RION CO, LTD., the sound and vibration equipment professional Jan 12, 2023
WearDetect: The new starter kit for a fast and easy entry into real-time condition monitoring Jan 12, 2023
Condition monitoring with robust and inexpensive triaxial vibration sensors for special requirements - not only in the wind-power sector! Jan 12, 2023
Super low-cost capacitive MEMS acceleration sensors with internal amplification from the specialists Jan 12, 2023
Mini-Shaker with int. power amplifier and sine sweep for payloads up to 900 grams Jan 12, 2023
disynet presents two palm-sized USB-powered DAQ-devices at an unbeatable price! Jan 12, 2023
Make Sense of Sensors & More. – disynet GmbH: mesasure with our technical expertise Jan 12, 2023
disynet presents the world's smallest and lightest MEMS 6-Axis force/torque sensor Jan 12, 2023
Non-contact torque sensors – long-term wear-free – an asset not just in robotics Jan 12, 2023
Extremely simple measurement of liquid viscosity with the Viscometer VT-06 Jan 12, 2023
The 7010 liquid level sensor: highly accurate, reliable and robust Jan 12, 2023
3D Wheel-Systems: New generations of Real-time wheelset monitoring systems for train speed up to 60 and 120 km\h Jan 12, 2023
Robust inclinometer with easy-to-program filtering of unwanted vibration. Jan 12, 2023

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