SMSI 2023 - Sensor and Measurement Science International

Welcome to the Sensor and Measurement Science International Conference SMSI 2023.

SMSI 2023 under the scientific leadership of Ulrich Schmid (TU Vienna), Michael Heizmann (KIT) and Klaus-Dieter Sommer (TU Ilmenau), networks representatives from research, science and industry. The conference builds on three thematic pillars: sensor technology, measurement technology and metrology.

The Sensor Technology congress pillar focuses on sensor principles, sensor materials and process technologies, electronic sensor interfaces, a wide variety of application areas and integrates the IRS² 2023 satellite conference in the field of infrared sensor technology.

The Measurement congress pillar focuses on IoT-relevant and networked measurement systems, advanced measurement approaches, AI approaches in measurement, and the science of measurement and its applications.

The Metrology section will address, among other topics, the revised SI (international system of units), metrology in the digital age, advanced calibration approaches and testing methods, and metrology in regulation and standards. 

Interested parties from research, science and industry are invited to submit a short description of the presentation or a poster contribution in English no later than November 15, 2022

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