Industrial Park, Xizhong Rd., Baoji High-Tech Dev.

721000 Baoji, Shaanxi Province


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Halle 2 Stand 2-209
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XingYuTeng Brief Introduction
Baoji XingYuTeng Measure and Control Instruments Co., Ltd was founded in 2007 in Baoji City, Shaanxi
Province in China. As a well-known manufacturer, XingYuTeng specializes in High-tech R&D, focuses on self-developing, manufacturing and selling of measurement and control products for pressure, temperature, liquid
level and flow. XingYuTeng has got the certificates for ISO9001, CMC (China Metrology Certification)
and EX (Explosion-proof certification). With the advanced equipments and professional technology, XingYuTeng can offer wide-ranging and
varied high-quality pressure transmitter, digital pressure gauge, level transmitter and temperature
transmitter etc. The products are widely used in diverse fields such as hydroelectricity, water industry, petroleum industry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, hydraulic system, industrial
controls, medical industry and food handling


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